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What we believe in?

• The development of an individual’s spontaneous reaction to any practical situation
• The response to any type of conflict arising between participants
• Increased participation in the group as a whole
• Attainment of objectives in a predefined timeline
• The creation of a positive environment among participants
• Feedback offered by participants intended to nurture in the growth of your enterprise.


I. These programs comprised of activites which develop the imagination, creativity and overall team spirit. The physical effort required is minimal, making this type of program accessible to anybody. The medium is intended to create a relaxed atmosphere between participants and to facilitate communication. Every program has a set time limit and takes place within a well defined set of guidelines

Types of activities:
• “Make it as it was”
• Energizing
• Trust games
• Identity building
• Intuition Building
• IQ puzzle
• Building games
• Culinary challenges

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