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Do you want to pedal in and around Brasov, through the Saxon villages, along the mountain pathsor who knows where ? We offer you the possibility of renting a quality bike, which will not break when you hit your first pothole and which will stand the test of steep inclines and meet all of your expectations.
We don’tcare if you wreck the bike, if you throw it off the cliff, if you lose it, you pay for it…without any hard feelings.

We make available to you : helmets, spare tires/tubes and tire pumps. Upon request we  also offer cars as a means of assistance and/or certified guides.


All bikes come with suspension forks, aluminum frames and all Shimano components.

Price : 15 Euros/day (Price includes bicycle helmet)

Term discounts will be offered for longer rental periods, volume discounts will be offered for  higher volumes of bicycles rented.
If you don’t feel like racking your brain for great mountain treks, you can glance at our programs or email or call us if something looks appealing to you.
Our guides are the best mountainbikers in Romania and they know all the roots which may cause you a spill or a thrill.

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