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Our company is founded based upon three specific mountainous themes : tourism, teambuilding and a bicycle rental service.

We are a team of youngsters with over seven years of experince in the field, and are proud to house some of the best mountain and tourism guides who are experts in extreme sports such as : mountain climbing, extreme skiing, paragliding, caving and mountain biking.

Extreme adventure team, your freedom guides!


Our Guides:

Nicu Braguta:29 years old, mountain guide, geologist, geological engineer, bossman, international ski-mountaineering referee, mountain biking specialist, with him you will wonder through the mountains on two wheels and more…
Andreea Nenciu:22 years old, tourism guide, economist, she will show you all that is cool and happening in Romanian cities, but also in the bear and wolf filled Carpathian mountains.
Cristi Tutunea: 33 years old, mountain guide, software engineer, he will paraglide you over the Romanian sites and will take you to where only goats roam freely.
Sebi Clinciu:25 years old, tourism guide, software engineer, a passionate motorcycle addict, with him you will cross the country far and wide, without worries about burning out your motor, as he will worry about those finer details.
Marius Sendre: 28 years old, mountain guide, forestry engineer, outstanding rock and mountain climber, with him you will see and experiencethe best climbing routes in Transylvania.

We are a lively bunch who know a lot about a lot, we know the mountains best but we do not underestimate them. With us you will never die of thirst or hunger!

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