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II. Hard Programs engage participants in both physical and psychological aspects, guaranteeing feedback from the team. They are meant to have employees reacting in an environment which is totally different from the formal setting they are accustomed to. Their reactions will be different and surprising.
They will experiment with new situations and will need to accomplish all tasks in a limited timeframe. They will be assisted by the specialists

Types of Activities:
• “ Rope challenges” –rappelling, ziplining, rope climbing , climbing
• Canyoning
• Rafting
• Mountain bike
• Caving
• Paragliding
• Orienteering
• Quading
• Paintballing
• Offroading
• Archery, Shooting

Types of Programs:

• “ Treasure hunt”

This type of program contains clues which the participants will have to follow, which will be puzzling to say the least. The participants will be split into groups and at the end of the game, only one group will win by finding the treasure first.

• “ War games”
This program involves the participants splitting into two groups. Each group can have subgroups with different responsibilities (i.e. logistics, operations, communications, etc.). Throughout the day, the teams must demonstrate abilities to win “the war”. If participants manage to pass the tests, they will gain munitions and information about the enemy. The winning team will capture the flag or territory of the other team.

• “Survival”
The participants will travel from Point A to Point B with limited resources. The course will be tough and full of challenges. Participants will need to find other resources in nature in order to  “survive”. They will have an wide-ranging experience which they will only “survive” with the help of their team mates.

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